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live life like tomorrow is your last.
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2nd-Oct-2006 12:59 pm(no subject)
LIfe here is having it's up and downs. I am so tired from it all, but am happy for some of the understanding from it instead of being in denial in it all. So, I am working on my life to get better. So, that is whats going on with me right now.
15th-Sep-2006 11:35 am - never say never..
I have learned in life that you will never know what life brings to you and it can turn to love to out of love to hate anger to pain to heart broken to things you would never think you would of done....so I learned to never say never or it will bite back at you like a lightening strike that hits down and surprises you...
6th-Aug-2006 11:22 pm - Going to get some thrills soon!
I am so glad that I am going to Six Flags this coming Staurday and I love scaring myself in rides or just riding on rides is fun too. My son, my friend and her daughter is going with me and other group of people is too, so it is going to be so fun!!!!
I have been having a hard time sleeping and now up still as I did try to go to sleep at 10pm, but instead I am back downstairs and wide awake as I hope that I will get sleepy soon. Because I have to get up early to go to places that needs to get done and then go to work.
28th-Jul-2006 11:14 pm - LIfe
I wish I am content with myself and I wonder if I will ever be. I know life is not perfect, but it seems when I am about to be content, next thing I know I am falling nonstop and I wish I can wake up and say,"I am so happy with my life right now and I am doing good."
AS long I can remember, my happiness never ends with a happy story there always seems to be a bad ending with it or my happiness never lasts very long. I am not a negative person...well I used too as I got it from my mom and grandma. I now changed that. I now put a smile on my face when ever the bad storm comes of whatever direction and it will be nice if I had a quite calm day, like I at night where there is hardly noone around, maybe that is why I am so into the night, as it does not have that much of distraction with my life as it does during the day, it is like the day mostly is the storm and the night is the aftermath, all calm and resting from it all.
My guy told me his friend told him that he was sleeping at the middle of the night, and his younger kid woke him up and he was like what you want? And his kid said, "Dad, my finger is super glued on my nipple!" His older brother did it to him while he was sleeping and wanted his dad to help him figure out how to get it off. His dad said, "oh, well then ask your mom to help you." then he turned on his side to go back to sleep.
So you imagine what the mom had to go through with the siblings messing eachother and to come up with superglue his brother's nipple?! And trying to figure how to get his finger off of his nipple? And it is funny to think what younger kids come up with out of boredom. LOL!
19th-Jul-2006 09:17 pm - Funny sayings of my son
One time in the morning, I just got out the shower and my son was about to get ready to get in and he had this thoughtful look on his face and said, "Mom,can you please take a shower with me?" I told him that I can not and he is bigger now and he has to take a shower by himself. And he said, "But mom you and dad do that sometimes and why can you with me?" I told him that it is different, me and his dad are married and that is what married couples do sometimes. He thought about what I said, and then said, " Well, then if I marry you then can you please take a shower with me?' And I looked at him and he had this serious look on his face as he said it. I laughed a little trying to not burst into laughter. I told him, that I cannot do that because he is my son, and I am glad he is my son and will always will be.
I will never forget that day as I remembered how serious he was and how funny it was and not trying to burst out laughing as he was so serious.

Today, I was getting ready to go to work and had thirty minutes to get in the shower and get ready. When I got out and was fully dressed, and was putting on my makeup and my son came in fusterated, because the girl I watch in the morning was bugging him and was singing loudly on purpose and he was telling me she was doing it again and I told her to stop as it was bugging me too also. My son, said, "You know mom, I think I know how I got my pink eye." (He got it at school from a kid back then.) I asked him how. He said, "I think she gave it to me from all that bugging she is doing and I am tired of it!" I laughed and told him that is not how you get a pink eye and besides he got that at school while back. He said, "No, I am serious I think she caused it from all that bugging me mom, just like all the headaches, she gave me!" I laughed and told him he got it all wrong and sorry he is having a bad morning. My poor son...I love him.

Well, I got to go, my son wants me to watch scooby doo shows with him. :) Be back later!
9th-Jul-2006 10:54 am - Words
My love language is words.
What is your love language, my friends?
9th-Jul-2006 10:51 am - I love my son!
Having a child, reminds me what love is all about.
26th-Jun-2006 10:26 pm - Busy day at work!
I started the day busy. Getting my son and my friend's daughter up was not easy as they did not want to get up at 6am in the morning and I did not want to too, but I had to get out of the house by 6:45am and it did not work, I got out at 7am instead and with tired kids not happy that they are up early in the morning to the babysitters. I went to get some coffee really quick and then headed to work that took about 40 minutes to get there and had to be there at 8am. Then I had to job Coach two guys. Then when done, I went to get a quick bite at Taco Bell at 12:30pm and got to the office at 1pm. I had to go to the office and write out three different casenotes and I was not even done, when it was time for me to go and I had two more to do. I had to leave at 4pm and be at another location to job Coach by 5pm and that took me an hour to get there. I was there for about two hours and the guy I Job Coached, took alot out of me trying to find a way to tell him he sucks at his job and that he needs to get better or he will have a Job Coach for good or whatever is his choice without hurting his feelings and I am a pleaser and this job is teaching me to be tough...DANG, I have to be tough and it is hard, but I like the challenge! And of course I like helping people and I can't help him, if I don't tell him the truth. So, next time I have to be more honest. When I was done there, I left from there at 7:15pm and then got home at 8:20pm and man by then I was tired. And my boys were both not feeling good and they went to bed and I am online right now on my livejournal. And now I got to go and check out other things before I head to bed as I have to get up early again and go to another location that is going to take me 80 minutes to get where I need to go and yes I drive alot. Last time I did my miles sheet, I found out I droved 894 miles in two weeks! Dang, that is freakin alot of miles! Well, got to go and chat later! -Becka
21st-Jun-2006 10:29 pm - The life I know I want.
I drive alot with my job, going to diffrent locations to Job Coach my clients and I am running out of music to listen to. It sucks when I go to a music area or store and they don't have a scanner, where you can listen to the music to see if I like it or not before I buy it and even the music I don't know. I had bought two cds so far and they sucked! And I wasted my money on them! So, I am going to try to go online and see if there is some music I can listen to for free and if I like it then I will buy it. I love music and I find myself get lost in it if I like it. I hate silence in my car and the only time I don't mind the silence is when I am comfortable in my own skin and the most of the time I not, so I need something to distract me. I am trying to still find myself and I have not yet. I know that so far, that I Love nature, it calms my soul, I love music as it does the same, I love meeting diffrent people and have to be with people and do my thing like going out and being out or being with someone then I can like being with myself like the, "me time". If I am alone too much, I freak out and I do know that part I hate about myself as it makes me feels vulerable. I love the mountains, I will like to live around them again and buy a house someday as I came from Oregon and that part of my life living there shown me how much I love that kind of nature and how I would go out alot to just be around that kind of nature calmed me. I would love to own a cabin house someday, with a river as my back yard or dig a hole and put water in it and go for a swim and float on my back and watch the sky. When I am done, I would go back inside and drink some tea, read a great book and go to bed and wake up to some beautiful music or birds singing a beautiful song and my window would be open, bringing a wonderful breeze that comes in and wakens me, by blowing softly on my naked skin as I lie on my bed sleeping. And I would of course have bunch and bunch of wild flowers for my backyard too. And I would have a beautiful horse running in the field and named it Beauty as it is a Beauty to watch it run and a Beauty to ride it so fast it takes my breath away. I would of course have a dog too. I would have my son being happy in the nature with me and my husband who would make me feel comfortable all the way as for right now I am not all the way comfortable with him yet and learning to though. I love books, I love to travel, but have to travel with the right people...sadly not with my husband, who has shown me that he is not fun to be with, the most of time and it is hard to be myself with him when I travel and I don't think of him as him with me, when it comes to traveling someday. I think of being with someone fun and laid back and really knows how to have FUN even when the day is not getting in a great start. But I do hope to someday travel with him when he learns to be laid back and not so uptight, (with my husband). I have that to start with about what I like and will finish it later about what I like and got to go and look for someone to talk to as my mind is wandering off and need someone to enertain me by telling how their life is or being silly with me or something right now and bye for now!
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